Welcome to the Godwin High School Choral Boosters website. The Choral Booster organization provides financial support for the Godwin Choral Program.  We give funds for music, a choreographer, coordinate fundraisers, print choral programs and keep everyone informed through emails, newsletters, monthly meetings, and this website.

Mr. J David Clatterbuck is our director and continues the amazing tradition of Godwin's award winning Choral Program. Our students have recently won top awards for excellence at State, Regional and National competitions and with your help we provide ongoing support to the Godwin Choral Program. Become a Booster member! Get involved! You can help make a difference. See the Get Involved section below. 

Please visit this website often for updated information concerning the Booster Organization, performances, pictures, and all the latest news about Godwin's Choral Program.  I look forward to meeting you at the next Choral Booster meeting! It’s going to be a great and exciting new year.

Julie Atkinson
President 2013-14
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Get Involved!
Your contributions really do make a difference and all your hard work and support is appreciated!!! There are many ways you can be involved and here are just a few ways you can help….

  • Become a Booster Member
  • Attend Monthly Choral Booster Meetings
  • Help your student with Fundraising 
  • Participate in the Virginia Diner and Cookie Dough Sales
  • Purchase and Use a Kroger Cares Card
  • Eat at a contributing restaurant on Choral Booster Nights
  • Solicit, donate and work on our Winter Raffle Fundraiser
  • Sell Ads for the Chorus Programs to the Business you frequent and to your employer
  • Buy a well wish ad for your student 
  • Donate copy supplies for the program, newsletter and or directories
  • Assist in printing and collating, our programs and newsletters 
  • Bake and bring cookies for the concerts
  • Usher at our Winter and Spring Concerts
  • Work on our Winter Raffle for the Winter Concert
  • Chaperone Spring Trip
  • Assist with Set-Up and/or Clean-Up for the Choral Banquet

For a more complete listing, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities information in our Resources page.

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Kroger Cares
You have the opportunity to purchase a $5 Kroger Cares card for family, friends and neighbors. Each card is already pre-loaded with $5 to purchase groceries and other items at all Kroger locations, simply add money to (reload) your card at the Kroger Customer Service desk. When paying for groceries or gasoline with your card, you can still use your Kroger Plus card for all Kroger specials and gas points. The Kroger Cares card does not replace your Kroger Plus card. Use both cards for maximum benefit. You will be supporting our choral students and saving money on groceries and gas! (Note, keep at least $1 on card to keep it active)
Proudly Sponsoring Godwin Choruses:
Using your Kroger Cares gift card is the BEST and EASIEST way to give to Godwin Choral Boosters! Send the form in to school or contact Alice Key at 763-9351 for more information. Kroger Cares cards will be sold at all chorus concerts.
Next Choral Booster meeting:


1. Please TURN OFF cell phones, pagers, and watch alarms​.
2. Talking during a performance is disruptive to the performers and other members of the audience. 
3. Entering or exiting while a piece is being performed is very distracting. If you must exit, please wait until the applause has begun.
​4. Applause should be held until the conductor puts his/her arms completely down. 
5. If you are in the company of small children, it is best to sit in the BACK of the venue. If they become restless or noisy, this gives you QUICK access to the exit. 
6. It is appropriate and courteous to remain for the entire concert.
7. Please enter and exit only through the back CENTER door.